Firm Background:

Design Nature is a multi-disciplined consulting firm that provides site planning, urban design, and landscape architectural services to a range of private, public and institutional clients.

Our Vision:

At Design Nature we strive to provide creative, consistent, high quality work for each and every client. We listen carefully and observe intelligently. We carefully analyze and integrate information and synthesize it into plans and products tailored to meet each client's unique objectives and needs. We believe that responsible environmental design must be based on:

·A responsibility to create projects that are sustainable, balancing environmental, social and economic objectives within the communities where they are located.

·A thorough understanding of the physical, natural, historical, and social characteristics of a site and the regional context.

·A commitment to developing spaces and places that support and facilitate social relationships and interactions. This requires a sensitivity to human needs, comfort, and behaviors in varied settings, spaces, and conditions.

Consulting Services:

Residential -

We are committed to providing quality residential design services to homeowners. This includes the design of:
     ·Outdoor spaces
     ·Al fresco kitchen areas
     ·Pools and water features
     ·Garden structures
     ·Hardscape areas

We also provide sustainable garden design including lawn and turf replacement, low water use landscapes, and edible landscapes.

Each of our designs are tailored to the unique needs and lifestyle requirements of our clients and we are affiliated with several quality landscape contractors who can complete the installation of the vision.

Commercial -

The design process is complex and unique to each project and client. Depending upon the scope and complexity of a given project, we may provide primary and planning services, or specific supporting services, as part of a large multi-disciplinary team. We can assist our clients with the following:

     · Strategic analysis
     · Land planning and site specific designs
     · Urban design and infill project
     · Construction documents and specifications
     · Design guidelines
     · Storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP's)
     · Sustainable low water landscape design
     · Water use calculations